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From 36 reviews
Joanne Y

Great little shop! Very reasonable prices.

Brando Moon

First time doing acupuncture. Very nice experience

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Christopher W

Wiley was very personable and helpful in deciding what type of experience I wanted. It was an empty the morning I went (which was nice) and I felt wonderful the next day! I plan to go back for a private session, but won't mind going for the community acupuncture again.

Roxana Quintero

A great experience for my first time trying acupuncture! I will definitely be going back.

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Martin Reese

It was a great first-time experience so great in fact I feel asleep. I will be returning for a second time.

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Roger Vickery

This is a "eastern experience" that I really can believe in. Wiley is excellent at his craft.

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Joan Riordan

Warm and inviting atmosphere, Wylie puts you right at ease with his knowledge and concern. I literally haven't felt this well in years.

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Biniyam T

I like it he did a good job. I will see him again.

Tessa Martin

It was a pleasant and calm experience first time ever getting acupuncture done looking forward to it again!!

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Liah Williams

my first session, it was great and i will come back for more!

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Tony Lam

Highly recommend Remedy Wellness. Over the last 5 years, I've done countless chiropractic adjustments and massages to treat my herniated disks and chronic back pain. None of those treatments compare to how I felt after my 2 hour session …

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Rena Z

Wonderful experience and much more affordable than typical. I would highly recommend Remedy Wellness.

Colleen Corr

Personalized care was very enjoyable and beneficial. I will definitely be returning to this special place.

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Christina Kayler

I have seen numerous acupuncturists masseuses etc but here he is the complete bundle. Try the cupping and all 3 combined. Moved away and I miss it every day!!

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Muang Saechao Yurgaitis

I saw Wiley once a week for fertility treatments b/c I had just miscarried. Wanted to get healthy. Sure enough, go pregnant again and continued treatment till full term and labor was just 5 hrs, thanks for Wiley. Highly recommend him. …

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Amy C

Great experience. Very knowledgeable and reassuring for my first time experiencing acupuncture. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Anayansi Membreno

It was a very calm environment felt so comfortable I was very pleased with my session today!

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Kathy Jenkins

Finding Remedy Wellness Studio and Acupuncturist Wylie Huey has been nothing short of a blessing for me. after being in 2 car accidents years ago, I developed chronic low back, hip and shoulder pain that has plagued me for many years. I …

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Abieyuwa Oghogho

Last week, my friend brought me here to receive acupuncture treatment. Wylie was who assisted me and he was very much in tune with my individual needs! I felt super relaxed the entire week after receiving acupuncture; my body literally felt…

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Annica E

I had such a great experience at Remedy Wellness Studio, and so did my boyfriend who came with me for acupuncture treatment as well. The last time I had acupuncture was at a different studio, with a different acupuncturist, and I experienced an unexpected anxiety attack and had been really scared to go back to acupuncture, even though it had been very healing and helpful for me in the past. Wylie's studio is so peaceful, welcoming, and comforting, I immediately felt safe. I appreciate his thorough intake process where he asked questions of me about why I was there and about my previous experiences. I have another appointment scheduled and am truly looking forward to it. Thank you, Wylie!

susan yee

Really awesome space and herbalist/acupuncturist here! First time here, and Wylie seems truly dedicated to healing and community. Herbs and acupuncture treatment have helped me fend off this cold, and electoral despair, as well.

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Wylie is knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate, and highly skilled. A wonderful experience and the proof is in the results!

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Kelli Youngman

I found Remedy Wellness by searching on Google. I was visiting CA from NYC for work and was staying nearby. Wish I had made an appointment earlier! Because I definitely would've gone back for a second session during my visit. Wylie was very…

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Lia Klugman

Great experience, helpful + patient---answered all my quesions

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Constance Plummer

Very good experience, as always.

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Debbie L

Wylie is a such a skilled and compassionate practitioner. He listens well and provides focused treatments to relieve your pain. His acupuncture needling is very unique as he threads it through multiple layers to get to the root of your pain for instant relief. If you get a private session he follows with a light massage and cupping for a well-rounded, therapeutic experience. A definite must if you really want to get your qi flowing from head to toe. I highly recommend Wylie to anyone seeking a true professional and master of acupuncture. He is a healer like no other!

YE isHere

With more than 25 years of receiving acupuncture from practitioners across the country, Wylie Huey, is without exception one of the BEST!

Knowledgeable, intuitive and highly skilled I recommend Remedy Wellness Studio at every opportunity to…

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Deirdre OConnell

Wiley is fantastic. Could not say enough good things about how kind and competent he is.

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M. S. Henderson

The absolute best place to go to restore your zen.

Wiley is a great acupuncturist and has magical hands!

Also, the cupping also worked wonders for my tension.

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Bonny Lieu

Chill and relaxing environment. Great, thorough practitioner at an affordable price.

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Deborah Woods

I enjoy my acupuncture sessions with Wylie. He listens to you very intenly so that he can administer the needles where you most need them and along with the deep tissue massage. I feel a lot better every time I meet with him.

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Matthew Hunt

Wylie is a master of his craft. He is easy to talk to and very understanding of my medical concerns. He effectively uses his expertise to treat me with acupuncture, massage and herbs. I am very happy with his treatments, and I look forward …

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Lucille C

It was my first time ever getting acupuncture and the cuppling. I was a little nerves. It turned out great over all.

Mara Plotkin

Great place for acupuncture with a calming atmosphere. A little oasis in Cleveland Heights, Oakland.

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Dorrett Manning

I was taking prescription painkillers for an injury and after doing acupuncture I did not need them as often. Wylie was great. I wished I could have continued my sessions to get off the pills completely. I would recommend this to anyone. …

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keith queeley

Very personable and professional!

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Remedy Wellness studio is proud to offer acupuncture that is accessible to the oakland community.