Fertility Focus

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An affordable program 

Parents-to-be face increasing healthcare expenses to treat infertility. We recommend weekly treatments of acupuncture and herbs for a minimum of three months to treat infertility. Patients can utilize our individual services, but for those committed to getting the most benefit out of acupuncture, enrolling in Fertility Focus provides the most value.

In a research study, when acupuncture was combined with western assisted reproductive technology, it increased the pregnancy rate significantly: "Clinical pregnancies were documented in 34 of 80 patients (42.5%) in the acupuncture group, whereas pregnancy rate was only 26.3% (21 out of 80 patients) in the control group." (Click here for the published study.)

Program Details

Fertility Focus gives clients unlimited access to herbs for a 3-month consecutive period. All herbal treatments are customized each week for maximum effectiveness. New enrollees have access to 10 free community acupuncture treatments.  

For further details of the program or to enroll, please contact us directly.