Herbal Medicine

terminalia chebulia

safe & effective 

Lead Acupuncturist Wylie Huey, L.Ac. draws his herbal expertise from having managed the dispensary at one of the first (still family-owned) companies that began distributing Chinese herbs domestically in the 1960s. He is happy to offer herbs and acupuncture to the Oakland community.

All herbs are sulfite free, species-verified, and have been rigorously tested for dangerous pesticides and heavy metals.

We dispense two forms of herbs.

powdered extracts

We dispense powder extracts because they are easy to take and effective. Capsuling is available.

whole herbs

We consider our raw herbs to be the most potent. While we may recommend them for certain conditions, we usually dispense powdered extracts for their convenience and effectiveness.

In addition to whole and powdered extract herbs, we may recommend topical plasters, linaments, traditional Chinese teapills, and tablets.