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Free Class: How Does Acupuncture Address Infertility?

Fertility is the second most significant reason why clients seek treatment at Remedy Wellness. For those new to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the most popular question is "How does acupuncture treat infertility?"

In this free class, we will provide an overview of TCM diagnostics and treatment protocols as they pertain to the treatment of infertility. We will also discuss the role of herbs and how they can affect hormones and help regulate the cycle. Patient safety, research studies, nutrition and lifestyle issues will also be included. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your questions or concerns with an experienced practitioner.


About the Practitioner:

Wylie Huey, L.Ac. has been practicing for over 6 years. His speciality is the treatment of infertility for women and men. He has also managed an herb dispensary for one of the first Chinese herb companies to offer Chinese herbs domestically in the United States. He is the founder of Remedy Wellness Studio in Oakland, CA.

***Reservation Required. Please contact us via phone or email to reserve your spot in this free class***